«I try to tell a story with my music»

Reportage on Maria Parra in Atención Obras (Attention Works) by Laia Oliver. Maria Parra has studied the classics all her life, but at 16 she discovers popular music. In her house they only listened to classical music and she was a…

María Parra, the only Sorian composer in history

Article about María Parra in El mirón de Soria. The pianist and composer María Parra has been included by the musicologist Sakira Ventura in the Map of Women composers in history as the only composer born in Soria. The Map, whose link is, tries to value female…

María parra durante el confinamiento

María Parra enters the Warner universe

Article published in the Diari de Tarragona. Signed: Gloria Aznar. You can also download the article in pdf format at this link. . The Tarragona pianist launches ‘Vision’ with the record company, a work full of her own compositions….

Pianist Maria Parra closes Bouquet Festival

Article in the Diari de Tarragona on the occasion of the closure of the 7th Edition of the Tarragona Bouquet Festival. Signed: Gloria Aznar. You can download the article at this link. The Bouquet Festival had, as its finishing touch,…

New record initiatives revitalize the record market

Article in the Segarra magazine. You can download it at this link. The ORPHEUS label brings a great number of novelties. «… The pianist María Parra immerses us with Mouvement in a French dreamlike environment… Poetry, delicacy, fantasy and lyricism…».

Pianist and composer María Parra protagonist of Great Musicians in Clásica2

The Clásica2 digital magazine dedicates a reportage about the career of the pianist Maria Parra. Today comes to Great Musicians in Clásica2 one of the most important pianists and composers on the international music scene: María Parra Peñafiel. Disciple of Alicia de Larrocha,…

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