María Parra
Warner Music Spain
Producer: María Parra

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1. Clouds
2. Be water
3. Luftballon
4. Appeared out of thin air
5. Pretty
6. Dauphins
7. Ascending mountains
8. Dreaming
9. Estrellas
10. Luz al final del túnel
11. Prayer
12. Clouds, trio version (Bonus track)


GEA, a term that comes from Greek mythology, is the Mother Goddess, creator of the Earth and the entire Universe. From her arise all the gods and the divine races. She is a symbol of fertility, the source of all life.

This album was written during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, I became more aware, if possible, of what I already expressed on my previous VISION album. I wondered what would be the legacy that we would leave to our children.

For this reason, I wanted to include my daughter Luna in the photographic project, with the intention that she would symbolize the future, the witness to the coming generations, emphasizing the feminine, since the balance happens because we all work as a team with Love with the same goal: to live in harmony and respect among us and in balance with nature.


You can download the pdf of the dossier at this link.

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