María Parra

María Parra
Warner Music Spain
Producer: María Parra

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1. Viajeros del viento (Wind Travellers)
2. Avalon
3. Carrusel
4. Venus & Júpiter
5. Nenúfares bis

Suite depth

6. Aerial View
7. Deep Ocean

María Flamenca

8. Olvido (Oblivion)
9. Miradas al sur (Looking South)

Suite Granada

10. Rocío de la mañana (Morning dew)
11. Amanecer (Dawn)
12. Atardecer en Graná (Interludio de Alhambra) [Sunset in Granada (Alhambra Interlude)]
13. Alhambra


Through her piano, María Parra can see. It is the world in different dimensions. The result of a personal transformation that synthesizes years at the piano keys, drawing figures in the air, against the silence, and learning about the twists and the emotions that every music masterpiece transmits by extensively interpreting the classics.

In VISION, María Parra projects herself from a position of harrowing introspection. It is the history of her own existence. Compositions that may be also understood as songs, and around which one may imagine stories, recreate feelings, landscapes, movie scenes…

Jazz, flamenco, Celtic sounds, or popular music all benefit from classical grounding. María Parra’s VISION confirms this, her piano permeated by female sensitivity. She creates a novel sound but with thousands of recognizable echoes. Thus, she introduces a new approach to classical music. Through her vision, María Parra tells her own story. They say her hands fly like wings on the keyboard. When she flies with them, María’s soul is revealed.


Jewel case CD plastic sleeve.
Booklet with 24 pages in English and Spanish.


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