María Parra Trio


New project by the pianist María Parra who, together with two important figures of the Spanish jazz scene (Miguel Rodrigáñez, double bass, and Gonzalo Maestre, drums), begins a journey as a leader and composer in the key of jazz of her own music.

For the pianist María Parra, music is a constant challenge. After many years dedicating her time and effort to perfect her style in the wake of classical composers, she found herself when she decided that happiness came from expressing her intimate emotions through her own compositions. Thus came VISION, her first album composed of her works, after two previous classical ones.

With the piano, and her way of seeing society, with its solitudes and joys, her fears and hopes, María showed that with her compositions peace was achieved and the possibility that the world could become a better place. For a long time, while she publicly displayed the most classical side of her, she studied and reveled in intimacy with jazz, which she perfected in her teenage years at the Barcelona Taller de Músics.

And in that constant vital challenge that accompanies her artistic and personal career, María Parra has wanted to go further: to join both worlds. And the challenge now was to transfer her vision of music to jazz improvisation, already intuited in some of the passages of the album, but supported by two of the most important musicians who form one of the most solid rhythmic bases of the Spanish jazz scene.

Bringing VISION to the sounds of a modern jazz trio, with the piano as the main plot line, is a brave challenge, but one that is natural and flows because it has Miguel Rodrigáñez on double bass and Gonzalo Maestre on drums, both renowned musicians.

An original, brave and new proposal, which proves that nothing stops María, and that her classical training together with jazz music, allows her to embrace more of the immense joys and emotions that music will never reach, but that it will help to decipher.

You can download the complete dossier on MARÍA PARRA TRIO, María Parra’s new musical project, at this link.

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