The reflective music of Maria Parra begins a new cycle of La Cripta

Article about Maria Parra in Cambrils Magazine, by Andreu Dalmau.

The pianist presented her album “GEA” in the Cambrilian room, a work full of color and naturalism that was born from reflection as a result of the pandemic.

Maria Parra opened the winter and spring cycle of La Cripta last night with an intimate and reflective concert where she presented her latest album: GEA (2022). What is her second album as a composer is born from a feeling of communion with nature that is heard in each of the twelve pieces that make it up. Parra’s music, as she herself explains, contains “classical, jazz and pop reminiscences”. Very different styles that the composer manages to successfully merge under the umbrella of some light and very expressive melodies, often with the scent of resilience and dreams. Through her pieces, you can perceive the state of mind the pianist was in at the time of her creation or the image that inspired her birth.

Much of these images come from nature. Parra dedicates many of her works to the sea, to the sky, to animals… “Everyone likes a walk on the beach or a hike in the mountains”, acknowledged the author of pieces such as “Dauphins“, “Be water” or “Clouds”. The impact of the pandemic is key to understanding GEA, since Covid-19 invited the pianist to reflect, fostering this communion with the natural environment from which these pieces have emerged. For example, the song “Light at the end of the tunnel” was written just after the most critical moment of the pandemic, when Parra perceived a glimmer of hope.

A part of Parra’s work, such as the songs “Miradas al sur” or “Estrellas“, also draws from the Spanish tradition, music of which she is very familiar thanks to the fact that she was a student of Alicia de Larrocha. During the concert in La Cripta, songs from VISION (2022), her first album, such as “Viajeros del viento” or “Carrusel” could be heard. The pianist chose “Balada de primavera” as her encore, an unpublished work that will be included on her next album. At the end of the concert, the interpreter thanked for being able to play in Cambrils and received a bouquet of flowers from the mayor.

The next concert of the winter and spring cycle of La Cripta will be on March 5 by the Nexes saxophone quartet. Tickets cost €10 and can be purchased at

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