Pianist and composer María Parra protagonist of Great Musicians in Clásica2

The Clásica2 digital magazine dedicates a reportage about the career of the pianist Maria Parra.


Today comes to Great Musicians in Clásica2 one of the most important pianists and composers on the international music scene: María Parra Peñafiel. Disciple of Alicia de Larrocha, María Parra immerses us in a sound universe that invites intimate thought, intense and kaleidoscopic feeling, full of nuances and intensities, and the understanding of a secret world that slips between the conscious and unconscious.


María Parra makes in each of her interpretations a delicate and complex exercise of pairing between the deep respect she feels for the work and for the composer, and her personal feeling before them, a feeling truffled with poetic breath, elegance and sensitivity. María also adds commendable control of rhythm and rubato, the fruits of her refined piano technique. All this means that when we listen to María we feel the music in a physical and mental way. It invites us to enter a sound world conceived between the composer and the performer that always reveals itself to us unknown, new, different and, what is more important, suggestive and emotional.

No doubt that this magical transmission capacity that María has comes from the teachings of Alicia de Larrocha and from her studies at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique in Paris, a fact that somehow approximates and immerses our pianist in an environment musically inheritor of the Paris of the Impressionists, and which indelibly marks her way of understanding music and the way of interpreting it.

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