Special «Piano City Madrid» on Radio Classic

Participation of Maria Parra in the special program «Piano City Madrid» of Radio Classic (RTVE) on June 19, hosted by Fernando Blazquez and with interviews by Mikaela Vergara. From minute 22:20 approx.

Special program for the celebration of the Piano City Madrid event: three days of piano music in different places in the capital (Royal Teather, Conde Duque, CentroCentro, History Museum, Arganzuela Greenhouse or Madrid Rio, among others). We spoke with its organizers, its protagonists and listened to music performed by Maria Parra, Roberto Prosseda, Chano Dominguez, Guillermo Hernandez, Mario Prisuelos, Andres Barrios, Alex Conde and Uri Caine.

You can listen to the full program at this link.

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