Las mañanas de RNE con Pepa Fernández

«DE PE A PA». Mornings in RNE

Intervention in the radio program «DE PE A PA» in Mornings in RNE, with Pepa Fernández. You can listen to the audio in the previous link, from minute 19:40 to 21:25, or you can download it directly from this…


#YoSoyMelomanoYoSoyCultura: María Parra, pianist

Melómano magazine launches the #YoSoyMelomanoYoSoyCultura campaign through which it wants to reclaim the Spanish musical fabric and show, through testimonies from relevant personalities in the sector, how important music, and culture in general, is for the functioning of Spain. We ask that we are not left…

María Parra signs for Warner Music Spain

The pianist and composer María Parra has signed a collaboration agreement with the record company Warner Music Spain that commits both parties for the coming years. The first joint action is the edition of the artist’s third album, VISION, the first with her own…

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