Maria Parra in the program “In a happy world”

Interview in the program “En un mundo feliz” (In a happy world) of Radio 3 (RTVE) with Tato Puerto.

Maria Parra is an excellent pianist and composer, who comes from classical music. In recent years, she has turned her career around with the 2020 edition of her album “VISION”, her third album, but the first made up of her own compositions. And now, in the last year, Maria has formed a jazz trio with which she works in other sonorities. Now, in 2022 she presents us her new work: “GEA”. Again, all the compositions are by Maria and the album was forged during the hard times of confinement. “GEA” is a term that comes from Greek mythology and is the Mother Goddess, the creator of the Earth and the entire Universe. The album is an excellent work at all levels and emphasizes living in harmony and respect among ourselves and in balance with nature. The interview is also attended by Fernando Iñiguez, journalist, radio colleague and an important part of this entire musical project. We talked to both of them and enjoyed “GEA”.

You can listen to the full program at this link.

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