Maria Parra Trio in «The Radio 3 Concerts»

Performance by the María Parra Trío in «Los Conciertos de Radio 3» (The Radio 3 Concerts) on RTVE 2.

Maria Parra Jazz Trio. A benchmark for piano in Spain, Maria Parra proposes a jazz without labels or exclusions. Shades of chamber music, tradition and avant-garde.

For the pianist Maria Parra, music is a constant challenge. After many years dedicating her time and determination to perfect her style to the slipstream of classical composers, she found herself when she decided that happiness came from expressing her intimate emotions through her own compositions. This is how ‘Visión’ emerged, her first album made up of her works, after having released two before. For a long time, while she publicly showed the most classical side of her, she studied and recreated in intimacy with jazz, which she perfected during her years at the Taller de Músicos de Barcelona (Barcelona Musicians Workshop). Maria Parra’s compositions are now taken to jazz thanks to two great musicians, Miguel Rodrigañez and Gonzalo Maestre, very prominent in the genre, who have seen in them the possibility of expressing themselves in a different way than they had been doing in their respective careers. Jazz without labels or exclusions, current jazz of the 21st century that unites the best tradition with the most hopeful future and with international projection.

You can see the full performance at this link.

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