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María Parra publishes her new album “VISION”

The new album by María Parra entitled VISION is now available in CD, streaming and digital download formats.

As if she were a new artist and creator or, at least, as someone to be rediscovered, the pianist María Parra presents herself with an intimate, but expansive album, which she has named VISION. It is not her first work as there is behind her a long career interpreting composers such as Debussy, Schumann, Granados, Falla or Albéniz and showed in the records Rêverie and Mouvement, but it is the first composed entirely by her.

Hence the title, VISION, which does not mean anything other than the way she sees the world and the current moment through the gaze of a piano of feminine sensitivity.

VISION is the projection of herself. The irrepressible desire to communicate with the planet, the beings that inhabit it and the nature that makes it up. A call to the understanding of individuality as part of a whole. We are not here for nothing, but we are all pieces of a huge puzzle half done that we must find a way to fit in, with our contribution, to reach its happy resolution.

Recorded in the main room of Estudio Uno, the prestigious Madrid recording room, with a Stenway & Sons, model D and with Edu Lavilla and Jesus Trujillo as technicians, respectively, of Recording and Editing / Mastering, VISION travels in that new universe sonic that is giving the world the current piano. A modern and different sound that, although rooted in the technical utilities of the most classic pianos, explores other possibilities to reach the depths of feeling and open up to a space where barriers and borders are broken down and purity ceases to be so impregnated with jazz, pop, flamenco and what evokes each one of them. Subtlety and determination. Piano and attitude. Above all, VISION is new music, and above all that, it is emotion and feeling.

María Parra

A whole life dedicated to the piano that from her biography we can extract that she is Honors in the last year of higher degree of piano, Master of Spanish Music with Alicia de Larrocha at the Marshall Academy of Barcelona, ​​and specialization with Prisca Benoit, from the Conservatory Superior of Paris.

But before all that, in her teens, she alternated her classical studies between the conservatories of Tarragona, Vilaseca and Barcelona, with those of modern composition and improvisation at the Barcelona Musicians Workshop. She has performed like this in different formations, which has allowed her to become familiar with the jazz language, and others, that she currently uses to compose. This gives her the versatility and eclecticism that she has used to create VISION, hence that new and suggestive path between classical tradition and the most current music is perfectly understood.

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