Appeared out of thin air

The program Los Ultrasónicos in Radio 3, directed by Kiko Helguera, takes its title, on this occasion, from the song “Appeared out of thin air”, from María Parra’s new CD, «GEA», although the first song heard corresponds to to “Clouds”.

Our space is entitled “Appeared out of thin air”, that is, the exact point from where artistic creation comes from, inspired by one of the songs on the album “Gea” by María Parra, an excellent pianist who comes from classical music and who explores with her own compositions the intersection with other musical currents that surround our imaginary, from flamenco and jazz to pop. A vibrant, warm and intimate album, light and deep, ambitious and versatile, full of intuition, symbols, with a very plastic and visual projection of our relationship with the immensity of life. 

You can listen to the full program at this link.

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