«I have been soaked in a lot of different music that I liked and has shaped my own musical taste»

Interview with María Parra in La Estrategia Del Caracol for her time in the Autores de tecla (Key Authors) cycle.

Autores de tecla (Key authors). Interview with María Parra: I have been soaked in a lot of different music that I liked and has shaped my own musical taste

María Parra is, from the Autores de tecla (Key Authors) cycle, the other female pianist participant, in the cycle, another different look at the piano, also presenting her first work of her own composition, Vision.

It will be on Friday 20th, the same day that Chico Pérez will be with his album and show Gruserías and on November 21st, with the performances of Laura Granados and Julián Maeso, as we already anticipated yesterday in the interview with Laura Granados.

How was the artist vocation born?

It is a sum of coincidences that appear to you, especially throughout your childhood, and one fine day you discover that you are trapped for the rest of your life. That is the vocation, something inherent in your soul.

Why the piano and not any other instrument?

In my case it was a discovery when I was 7 years old when I first put my hands on an old piano from my paternal grandmother’s house. It was a crush at first sight and it was clear to me that this would be my instrument.

How is your way of composing?

Very intuitive. I start improvising and when I detect a thematic core that makes me fall in love and excites me, I develop it, shaping it until it makes sense of a whole.

What are your influences?

The main one, due to my training and the number of years devoted to that field, would be classical music, but there is also a lot of jazz, flamenco, folk, pop, rock… In short, I have soaked up a lot of different music that has liked and has configured a musical taste of its own.

How did Tontxu’s proposal arrived so you can be part of the cycle?

Tontxu discovered one of my pieces before the album came out through a video clip and he looked for me because he had loved the piece. Then he knew other things about me and was convinced of my way of composing.

You will be present with your VISION album, it is your first album composed entirely by you. How has this experience been?

It is very exciting to play your works, that have emanated from you, that show how you are and what has shaped you as a person and as a sensitivity, musically speaking. It’s like having a child and giving her the best of yourself. I am experiencing what it is to play what you compose and I do not change it with interpreting the works of others.

In Vision you take a leap and although you continue with classical music there are already other notes, other sounds. How does this change occur?

It occurs naturally and gradually. I admit that it could have been before but I was not quite sure about taking the leap. I have had to corroborate it with the public, leaving my pieces for the encores, and this is the one that unanimously has remained with me, María the composer. That has made me very happy, because I already detected that this was how I felt more fulfilled and happy.

What difference do you find when it is a performance by yourself, in one day, to being sessions that in the end you share the bill with more colleagues?

It is very exhilarating. The solo pianist is a very lonely being, and it is very good to rub shoulders with other pianist colleagues and in general with other musicians, who in this case deserve enormous respect.

What does it mean for you to be one of the artists selected by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development) for its 2020-21 catalog?

Well, a great honor!! You represent Spanish talent throughout the world, you are a representation of what is done in Spain and there is a lot of responsibility too. I hope to live up to such a privilege…

How are you living as an artist this year 2020?

At first it was a hiatus that caused uneasiness, but I immediately reacted and began to compose as if there were no tomorrow. I have material for two more albums!! (laughs), my album has also come out, and that has colored a gray year, really…

A person with whom you would like to create a song that you have not worked with

There are many!! And in fact I would like to work creating music for singers, for movies. And as for people, I would say Rozalén, Drexler… And many more… !!

What song cannot be missing from a concert?

From mine? Well, Carrusel (through which Tontxu met me), Miradas al Sur (Looking South), dedicated to Paco de Lucía, one of my very first compositions…

A dream to fulfill

Oops, looooots!!  And one is already on the way… To play my music in a jazz trio format.

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