FIAS Festival 2020. Carmen París & María Parra

29 February 2020
FIAS Festival 2020. Carmen París & María Parra
Maria Parra Pianist


International Festival of Sacred Art, Museo Nacional del Prado (Madrid, Spain).

The fight that is represented in the painting in Room 51A of the Prado Museum, is translated musically into the effort of these two women, Carmen and María, to find light and beauty in these times of darkness and torment.

The world has been left out in the open and in that search for good the two take refuge in a repertoire that combines all that popular wisdom of the artist who transformed the jota into a different and new art, with the pianist cultivated in the classical tradition that now, in a desire for pure alchemy, she lights up her own compositions.

Carmen and Maria are the sword that defeats the dragon. The union of the voice and the piano reconciles us with the possibility that there is always the hope that good triumphs over evil, light over darkness, and the birth of a new world is really possible. And better.


Rompiendo la hora (Music and lyrics: Carmen París)
Jotera lo serás tú (Music and lyrics: Carmen París)
Avalon (Music: María Parra)
Canción del fuego fátuo (Music: Manuel de Falla)
Mediterráneo (Music: Joan Manuel Serrat / Arrangement: Carmen París)

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