Concert-talk: VISION. Alchemy at the piano at LOOM Salamanca

22 November 2021
Concert-talk: VISION. Alchemy at the piano at LOOM Salamanca
Maria Parra Pianist


LOOM Salamanca, Madrid (Spain).

María Parra will offer a concert-talk in this space in Madrid’s Salamanca district.

Through her “Vision”, Maria Parra tells herself. They say that her hands are like wings on the piano.

Enjoy VISION, the third album, first with works of her own authorship, by the pianist Maria Parra. It is the result of a deep introspection after years of listening to a lot of different music and deep study of great geniuses.

We find ourselves before a visionary composer and performer who drags us into her universe, with whom, letting ourselves be carried away by her piano, we truly understand that the world could be a happier place if we wanted to.

María, after a lifetime dedicated to the classical piano as a performer of immortal artists, appears as an emerging artist and new creator who with her subtle and evocative music is capable of transmitting deep emotions. She does not renounce her classical past, but a new sonic universe gravitates over it that unites in its keys harmonies of the brightest pop, the improvisation capacity of jazz, the old wisdom of the popular and even the magic of the flamenco duende. There are no borders or limits.

Who is it for?

To all restless and enterprising people who see the obstacles of life as opportunities to grow, by facing them with creativity and with the desire to communicate and share their life and professional experiences with others.

What tools does she provide?

The people who attend the talk will have the experience of living an inner journey of emotions where music can be “seen” with the truth of the heart.

How do I sign up?

This is an event that you can attend in person at LOOM Salamanca previous registration in this link.

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