Concert at the Montserrat Caballé Auditorium

19 March 2021
Arganda del Rey, Madrid
Concert @ Montserrat Caballé Auditorium
Concert at the Montserrat Caballé Auditorium
Maria Parra Pianist


Montserrat Caballé Auditorium, Arganda del Rey (Madrid, Spain).

María Parra will offer a concert in this auditorium in Valdemorillo. Programmed activity within the Network of Theaters of the Community of Madrid.

In Vision, María Parra projects herself from a heartbreaking introspection. It is a review of her own existence. Creations that can also be understood as songs and on which stories, sensations, landscapes, cinematographic sequences can be imagined…

From the most academic rigor of the study of music, she dared, at only 16 years old, to enter that other sonic universe that combined jazz, with the discovery of pop and rock. Without leaving her classical training, she understood that by putting together all the sounds that excited her, she could give more meaning to her piano.

Jazz, flamenco, Celtic, pop or popular music do well with a classical substrate. María Parra confirms it in Vision from the piano of her feminine sensitivity. She creates a new sound, albeit with thousands of recognizable echoes. Thus she proposes a new way of seeing classical music. Through her vision, María Parra tells herself, without borders or limits.

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