«To grow as an artist you have to measure yourself with the greatest and not settle»

Interview in the Diari de Tarragona.


She is pure positivity. This pianist consecrated in TGN has jumped to Madrid to live her moment. We talked to her about her new album, Mouvement, and the fifth edition of the Bouquet Festival, which aims to raise Tarragona’s self-esteem.

Don’t you miss TGN?

(Laughs). I think the contact with Tarragona has intensified it. I am here at least once a month for my mother, my friends and my two festivals. I think I have found a good balance between my origins, Madrid and a more ambitious future.

Is Madrid a new challenge?

Of course. I happen to meet high-level people, and that is very stimulating. But I must also admit that there is a lot of confluence of talent. That makes you aware that to make room you have to work for it.

Is TGN a good place for classical artists?

As long as you make an effort and seek to improve yourself. To grow you have to measure yourself against very good people, they have to say no, and you have to go to war with the best. You cannot settle in.

You don’t get comfortable organizing two remote festivals… How do you do it?

Being excited. My work day goes from when I got up until I go to bed. Before I felt like I was holding back by raising my daughters, but now that they are older I feel like I can handle everything. It is my moment.
When you open this fifth edition, what do you think?

I think that the Bouquet Festival is completely handmade and each edition is like starting from scratch, but the result is very gratifying. It has earned the trust of the public, the respect of the musicians and the value of the City Council and private entities. We have achieved a good base and now we will go up.

At the closing you will present your albumMouvement

Yes. There was going to be another performance but in the end I will play instead. I consider that it is rightful to present the album in my city. It combines Parisian impressionism with the nationalism of the Spanish artists who migrated there to flourish. I can extrapolate it to my vital moment.

Are you already thinking about the next edition of the Bouquet Festival?

Sure! Next year will be when we make a qualitative leap, especially on the occasion of the Mediterranean Games. We will be able to present more ambitious and colorful shows.

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