Maria Parra in Tarragona radio

Interview in Tarragona radio with Núria Cartanyà.

The Tarragona-born pianist Maria Parra has just released her 4th album: GEA. This is the first album in which she interprets her own compositions. An album created during the pandemic and that seeks a counterpoint to confinement in nature. A way of claiming respect for the natural world, which was revealed to us in the form of a pandemic due to the mistreatment that humans are inflicting on it.

GEA is full of pure and clean sounds, balanced rhythms, pure vitality and symbolism. The very title, GEA, refers us to mythology, since she is the first goddess, the mother of all.

The album is already being shown live in various venues in Madrid and in jazz format: Maria Parra Trio is the new project led by the pianist and in which she experiments with the freedom of this style, combined with her classically based training.

We have yet to listen to it live in Tarragona. We hope it will be soon.

You can listen to the interview in Catalan at this link.

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