Aerial View (Suite Depth 1)

María Parra


«Aerial View»: Music composed and performed by María Parra, 2019.

The pianist María Parra presenta AERIAL VIEW (SUITE DEPTH 1), presents AERIAL VIEW (SUITE DEPTH 1), the first preview of her upcoming album that will be titled VISION. Aerial View (together with Deep Ocean) is part of a Suite with a poetic background that wants to express depth. It is the vertical view of the earth from the sky crossing the surface of the sea to the bottom of the ocean that immerses us in the underwater world of unfathomable mysteries where the most incredible species live. A song to nature, to the sea, to those who inhabit it and to the care and love that we must profess.

Film realized and edited by: Elisa Wagner.
Thanks to: Priordei, Piano Servei, Vintage Comunicación, Nacho Mateo & Aleix Costa.
Specials thanks to: Margalef del Montsant (Priorat, Catalonien, Spain).

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