Interview in “La dársena” of Radio Clásica

María Parra or the soul at the piano

Interview in the program “La dársena” at Radio Clásica (RTVE), hosted by Eduardo Fernández. A reportage by Mikaela Vergara on the new album by the pianist María Parra, entitled “Vision” and containing exclusively works by her.

Reportage with statements from the pianist and composer María Parra who presents us with her new album ‘Vision’ where she debuts as a creator and performer at the same time. After receiving critical and public recognition with her two previous albums, Reverie and Mouvement, where she faced the classic Spanish repertoire and French impressionism, María Parra delves for the first time into the creative spring that she kept inside as a composer exploring her own personal language. After graduating from the Conservatoire de Paris and having been perfected by Alicia de Larrocha, María Parra allows herself the freedom to integrate elements of jazz, flamenco, traditional folklore and pop into her ‘classical DNA’, thus lighting a very personal voice that escapes any type of label. Picture cards, stories, landscapes, moments, intuitions or poetic ideas make up the imaginary of ‘Vision’, an intimate diary that despite having been lit before the dramatic events experienced by the Coronavirus pandemic, offers a message that takes on more strength even if it fits right now. Through her piano, María Parra appeals to our sensitivity so that we are more respectful of nature and of our fellow men, and that society’s consciousness is raised in the face of the challenges and opportunities that the 21st century presents.

You can download the audio at this link.

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