Interview in “Between two lights” in RNE

Interview in the RNE program “Between two lights” hosted by Carlos Santos Gurriarán.

The beautiful album that María Parra has just recorded with her own works is a good example of the paths that Spanish musicians with classical training and an open gaze are exploring with great success. We listen to it with her.

We listen to:

  • María Parra – Viajeros del viento (Wind travellers)
  • María Parra – Avalon
  • María Parra – Aerial view (suite depth 1)
  • María Parra – Atardecer en Graná, interludio Alhambra (Sunset in Granada, Alhambra interlude)
  • María Parra – María flamenca, mirada al sur (Looking south)
  • María Parra – Carrusel

You can listen to the interview at this link:

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